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D&D INTERNATIONAL will customize a perfect European tour plan for you

After a romantic travel in France, would you like to experience more?

Why not take this opportunity to take a tour in Europe? France has the superior geographical position. It borders with eight European countries. So it is convenient to travel in other European countries.

D & D INTERNATIONAL will customize a perfect European tour plan for you.

Brussels, capital of Belgium, is the city where the main body of the EU is located. The city is full of artistic atmosphere. It retains luxurious palaces and various houses of the nineteenth century. When you are walking in the streets, it feels like you are walking through time tunnel.

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world and one of the oldest countries in Europe. Currently it has more than 100 medieval castles and ruins, so it is also called “country of a thousand castles”.

Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland. It has a great international reputation for the installation of many international organizations, including the United Nations Office at Geneva. There are also Geneva Lake and the Great Fountain around lacks of the Alps.

Rome, the Eternal City, is a famous historical and cultural city in the world. Being the birthplace of ancient Roman Empire, it has the largest circular arena in ancient Rome- the Colosseum.

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