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France, a country full of romance, whose cultural heritage for hundreds of years allows Paris to be capital of the world.
Meanwhile, french fashion lead the world's fashion...

France, a country full of romance, whose cultural heritage for hundreds of years allows Paris to be capital of the world. Meanwhile, french fashion lead the world’s fashion…

To be rich in diverse artistic architectural and treasures is also characteristic of France. There are more than 40,000 protected monuments and attractions, one-third of them are at the columns and 33 are awarded as World Heritage by UNESCO.

France has a total of 27 regions, and each region has its own unique charm, and each year, each city will host a festival full and and Music Festival of local specialties.

If you will learn more french regional costumes, their cultures and histories, join with us! (at least 5 people in a group)

  • The Palace of Versailles   representative of European Royal Garden, is the most spectacular palace in France,it is also one of the five largest palaces in the world.
    The most famous is the Hall of Mirrors, which has 17 large french windows on one side and a huge mirror consisting of 400 blocks small mirror on the other side. In addition, the garden of Versailles is known as the most beautiful garden among all the European royal gardens. There is a musical fountain in summer and great evening fireworks during weekends or holidays. It is worth mentioning that there are lots of portraits of Emperor Kangxi and Chinese porcelains.
  • The chateau of Fontainebleau is the french royal hunting palace who retains traces of every king of France and has witnessed the rise and fall of Napoleon. The Chinese Branche has a collection of over a thousand pieces of relics of Yuanmingyuan. In addition, walking or riding in the carriage in the forest around the chateau is also a specific experience.
  • Carcassonne Chateau  is constructed in the Middle Ages, where Carcassonne Medieval Festival is organized from June to August each.
  • Arles  is an ancient city with Roman ruins, it is listed as World Heritage and it is also the place where Van Gogh spent his last time.
  • Saint-Emilion  Saint-Emilion is world’s cultural heritage where exist the monolithic church, the bell tower, the cloister of the Cordeliers and Grands Chateau
  • Giverny  it is the seat of former home and garden of Monet
  • Around Rouen you can visit Etretat, Le Havre rebuilt after the war, the beautiful city – Honfleur and Deauville on the edge of the sea where goes the Asian Film Festival in March and the Américan Film Festival in September.
  • Saint-Malo is a port city in northern Brittany. Walls of the old city are still preserved with medieval style. Because of defense against pirates before, it is also called “the Pirate city “.
  • Mont Saint Michel  is one of the most important places for Catholics. Its unique geographical environment, the monastery built on the isolated island, shallows hidden from time to time and many legends during the past ten centuries make it being mysterious.
  • Annecy,  one of the most beautiful towns in France, is known as the “France Venice”.
  • Chamonix-Mont Blanc is the highest mont blanc in Europe and the second largest glacier in the Alps. There are also the Alpine Museum & Museum of Crystals. You can also go skiing and enjoy thermal spa.
  • Arcachon:  you can take boat to visit the beautiful ports, little villages and famous oyster farms.
  • Pilat Dune  is the highest dune in Europe. Climbing to the top, you will enjoy beautiful scenery of the Bay of Arcachon.
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