International Camp

We offer an opportunity for the children to participate in sports or thematic activities with the young people from all over the world. They will be close to the nature, practice foreign languages and enhance their social skills .

Based on child’s age and interests, we will recommend a variety of programs of camping to meet the needs of each child and also ensure the safety.

France international summer camp has many camps across the country, like both rocking climbing, snorkeling, sailing, surfing, tennis and other outdoor sports. There are also English language courses. The children will have a unique experience in such a summer camp, meeting and making friends.

Swiss International Summer Camp, situated in the Rhone valley with stunning mountain and lake views. Camp according to different ages, our services include water activities, art activities, equestrian, ball sports and other projects to match the children’s feelings. Parents and children can enjoy together before the end of the camp.

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