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Body Contouring

To improve the quality of our life, we pay more attention to the health. The disease is the greatest enemy of the death. By cooperating with specialized medical and health institutions in Switzerland, France and Germany, D & D INTERNATIONAL organizes a complete and regular medical examination to find the potential risks that may have a negative impact on your health. Medical experts offer individual services and give you a proposal for your health based on your physical conditions.


A natural therapy helps to absorb and remove the chemicals in our skin and balance the PH of the skin. It can not only stimulate nervous, endocrine and immune systems but also eliminate fatigue. As we know, France and Russia are rich in hot spring resources. It would be an extraordinary experience to soak yourself in the warm water while enjoying the beauty of the snow-capped mountains.

Grape Seed Cosmetology

Research shows that grape seed contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals which can produce anti-oxidation to fight against aging. The use of grape seed for beauty has become a trend in the contemporary world.

France is famous for viticulture. Caudalie, a well-known french brand in the world, developed a stable grape seed polyphenols and became the first person to launch stable grape seeds against skin aging. France is the leader of this industry.

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