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Our group aims to teach French and Chinese,and to promote chinese and french culture between these two countries.

Courses of chinese language

Our group aims to teach French and Chinese,and to promote chinese and french culture between these two countries.
Introduction of the teaching of chinese language: the teaching proceeds with the course of conversations and others on several levels:

Course of Chinese language N1,N2 et N3 (absolute beginner, beginner and intermediate)

The N1 course is designed for students who have never studied chinese. This is an introductory course in Chinese language, through learning Pinyin (alphabetic system and pronunciation), discovering the route of characters and learning simple syntax. The N2 and N3 course are the continuity of the N1 and develop the mastery of oral and written in chinese. Syntax, expression, comprehension and grammar are studied gradually in both levels.

Course of Chinese language N4,N5 et N6 (Advanced I, II, III)

Advanced courses I, II and III are for students who have already integrated the basic mechanisms of the Chinese language and who wish to complete their learning. Advanced courses I and II follow a grammatical method and insist on the expression and listening comprehension. Advanced Course III is moving towards improvement of the Chinese language. This course focuses on the exercise of theme. The expression and listening comprehension are also refined.

Conversation courses (intermediate / advanced)

It’s long that the teaching of Chinese has neglected Chinese spoken in real situations. Speaking comprehension and expression are very important to understand a language and it is not enough when we just know how to write in a language; and more particularly as regards the Chinese language. Our conversation courses are for students who want to develop especially oral learning in order to communicate more easily. The courses are accessible to people with at least an intermediate level.

Course of Basic French language, French culture and civilization

D&D INTERNATIONAL is committed to the communication between chinese and french cultures and we create an opportunity for the exchange of chinese and french language. We have qualified teachers in oriental languages in France who have rich teaching experience of several years. We offer a special personalized service for chinese expatriates in France, allowing you to learn quickly the basic conversations in french daily life and to adapt to the new life and the new work environment.

Our customized offers:

  • One to one teaching
  • Small classes: Roundtable within 2 to 4 people
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